ASUS is Fonepad ™ (ME371MG)

ASUS is Fonepad

ASUS is Fonepad ™ (ME371MG) an affordable device that combines the functions of a 3G-smartphone and the 7-inch tablet PC. Fonepad ™ is running an operating system Android 4.1 and is equipped with a high-quality IPS-display and a faster processor Intel Atom Z2420.

“The screen oversize is optimal for enjoying increasing popularity of online applications, social networking, games,” said Jonney Shih, CEO of ASUS. “Thus, in conjunction with support mobile networks 3G, Fonepad ™ provides an ideal combination of features and smartphone and tablet.”

Oil Herrmann, vice president and general manager of mobile communications devices and Intel said that “Intel has a long association with ASUS in mobile computing, as exemplified by the ultrabooks and tablets with processors Intel. The new processor is Intel Atom Z2420 has precisely the characteristics that are necessary for 3G-plates, such as the innovative ASUS Fonepad ™ ».

Metal body and the Intel Atom processor
ASUS Fonepad ™ is the perfect choice for those who appreciate the communication capabilities of smartphones and entertainment opportunities offered by tablet computers, but prefers to carry a minimum of digital devices. Fonepad ™ is made ​​in a thin (10.4 mm) and a compact metal body weighing only 340 g The newest Intel Atom Z2420 gives his performance (offering, in particular, hardware acceleration, decoding video in Full-HD 1080p) and excellent energy efficiency (up to 9 hours of battery life).
7-inch multi-touch display with a resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels is made by technology IPS, which provides vibrant colors and excellent viewing angles (178 °).

Mobile Internet and 3G network support
3G-module with support for HSPA + allows you to make and receive with ASUS Fonepad ™ calls using the built-in digital noise canceling microphone or the optional Bluetooth-headset, and use the mobile Internet to view Web sites, and other tasks.

Exclusive applications and accessories from ASUS
ASUS Fonepad ™ comes with several pre-installed applications from ASUS. For example, Floating App to manage the running programs, and quickly switch between them, SuperNote Lite – an ideal tool for all sorts of notes and drawings, and WebStorage Office Online allows you to edit documents in Microsoft Office formats on the go. You can also note that users Fonepad ™ receive free access to the cloud storage file ASUS WebStorage volume of 5 GB.
For a new product, there are brand-new accessories: cases VersaSleeve 7 and Turn Case. In addition to protection from the vagaries of Fonepad ™ mobile life, they can act as a stand for typing or viewing videos.